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My dear Parishioners,

Since the beginning of this year there have been numerous inquiries about my impending retirement. It is the diocesan rule that when a priest approaches his 75th birthday, which for me will be in December, he has to retire. In a recent reply to my letter, the Bishop has accepted my retirement but has asked me to continue until June 30, 2018, to facilitate the annual transfers. So, with this, I hope that these simple details will quell all inquiries.

Retiring is going to be a whole new life. I have lived in Browns Mills for many more years than I have even lived at home or any other parish. In the process I have molded St. Ann’s and St. Ann’s has molded me. During the past many years, the parish has always been my concern and it will continue to be so. How could I forget you? Let us keep one another in prayer that we all work for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

What do I do on retirement? If health permits, I will still continue and function as a priest, and, like all other retired priests, when requested, will help in neighboring parishes. I will make my abode in St. John Vianney Villa, Lawrenceville, N.J., the retirement home for priests. But this is many months away.

We are soon entering the month of October, a month dedicated to Mary, Our Mother. I encourage you to daily, at least read the bible or say a decade of the rosary with your family.  
Fr. Edwin Mathias

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