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My dear Parishioners,

It was a fitting tribute that we could give our Firefighters and Police for the good work that they do for the community and especially the parish. The Mass of Thanksgiving and the honor to our First Responders made us more aware of what we take for granted. One of the things that they would much appreciate is that when we see their emergency lights, that we just pullover and stop, till they have gone by.  

This weekend we shall be celebrating the Feast of Our Patron, St. Ann. The actual feast is on Wednesday, July 26th. We are so blessed to have St. Ann as our Patron, being in the direct line of Mary and Jesus. We pray to her for our protection and intercession. I will, as always, keep you in my prayers.

I will be away to Toronto for a couple of weeks to continue celebrations in my Jubilee Year. My siblings in Toronto will be celebrating my anniversary on July 30th, and I am sure that it will be an enjoyable one with so many of them. Some who were able to be here in May were very grateful for the celebrations here. While it will be a good break from the events of the past month, the fire and the electric outage, it surely will not be any time for a rest. But isn’t it with all vacations. We need a rest after a vacation!

In the meanwhile, I am confident that the Carnival Committee will keep on track for our coming carnival. Everything is going on smoothly and if the weather co-operates it will be a better one than the previous. Pray for good weather and please volunteer in any possible way. We need you.
Fr. Edwin Mathias 

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