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My dear Parishioners,

When thinking about Lent, we are reminded about sacrifices and almsgiving that are recommended during this time and feel that the days and the weeks are long. But this month of March seems to be ending quicker than usual, and with it the year’s quarter. In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating Palm Sunday and Holy Week. Make this Lenten season a joyful one to remember.

Check the bulletin insert about the ‘rose’ color vestments that will be worn at Mass this weekend.

On April 2nd, we shall be celebrating ‘Family Day’. The flyer will give you some ideas in celebrating the day. You are most welcome to join others in doing crafts, cooking and whatever, in the parish hall in the afternoon. Come share your talents and have some fun time. But most of all come together for Mass, as a family, and thank God for his blessings and grace that he gives to us.

Fr. Edwin Mathias

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