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My dear Parishioners,

We look forward to this week to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends around a delicious spread of foods, and of course, the turkey will be prominently placed. What a great holiday as it brings together families far spread out to come together. A beautiful occasion to give thanks to God for his blessings and they are numerous, though we often forget them. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

The end of November also brings us to the end of the liturgical year. Coming Sunday (Nov. 26th) is the last Sunday of the liturgical year when we celebrate the Feast of Christ Our King. Take notice of the Entrance Procession as the various symbols are brought up and the appropriate scriptural passages are read. Some may still remember their parish processions that took place to celebrate this feast. We owe the celebration of this feast to the Mexican Church who under the banner of Christo Rey banded together the faithful against the horrible persecutions that were leashed out on the Church. Hail to Christ Our King!
Fr. Edwin Mathias

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