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My dear Parishioners,

The Celebration of the Eucharist (Holy Mass) is the most important prayer service of the Church and it always requires our full attention. To be in a prayerful frame of mind, we need to prepare ourselves for this participation.  

Besides prayer and our mental disposition, there is a physical preparedness, to which I would like to draw your attention. Being at the altar it is obvious that the celebrant can observe the constant traffic to the restrooms, especially by children. Before entering the church ask your children whether they need to use the restroom. And if during Mass they would like to go, permit them only if they do really need to. Engaging them in an active participation of the Mass may probably distract their need to use the restroom.  

Further, at Mass, from the beginning of the Readings right up to Communion (Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist) is always the sacred time and one should participate in the prayers during this period. The Mass is generally only an hour long.

We are soon approaching the holy season of Lent and the bulletin will give you some guidelines on how to make this penitential season an enriching one. On March 12th, we shall begin with the annual Lenten Mission which will be preached by Rev. John McGowan C.Ss.R. on the theme of God’s Mercy. Please do attend this Mission.
Fr. Edwin Mathias

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